BISSELL 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The BISSEL 9595A Vacuum is a very affordable vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with many modern features despite the price. The cleaner fall under the category of best vacuum under 100. It is very easy to operate and has, therefore, received many positive reviews from the customers. These make the BISSEL 9595A one of the most popular vacuum cleaners that are currently available in the market.

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The cleaner has a very strong cyclonic power suction which makes it possible to clean anything from dust to debris. The sweeping and suction done at the same time reduce a lot of time required for cleaning, thus saving you a lot of time. This becomes more convenient, especially when you are cleaning more extensive floor surfaces. The cleaner further has filters for a more thorough cleaning effect and also saves power. It can run without hitches and hatches irrespective of how long you are going to use it.

Features of the Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is an upright vacuum cleaner with a very strong suction power which makes it suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt and stain and also cleaning a variety of surfaces
  • The cleaner has an inbuilt dirt cup and washable filters which make sure that the vacuum cleaner can pull and hold onto the finest of the dust particles. The dirt cup can be detached, emptied, washed and placed back again so that the efficiency of the machine is not hampered. This also makes sure that you will not have to go around using plastic bags every time you go for a cleaning
  • The vacuum cleaner provides a continuous supply of suction, thus making it possible to catch as much dust in as little passovers as possible.
  • The cleaning device is integrated with a cyclonic system to ensure this steady supply of power for suction
  • It is powerful enough to pick up debris in just a single pass
  • The vacuum cleaner has a turbo brush tool which can be used to release dust and grime from the surfaces
  • These brushes are not very harsh and can therefore be used to clean the delicate surfaces without rendering them any harm
  • The brushes are usually every convenient when it comes to cleaning tricky areas such as stairs and spaces around the furniture. It could possibly be the best vacuum for stairs.
  • The brushes have a very gentle and effective cleaning effect and can therefore be used for upholsteries, furniture and carpets without the risk of incurring any damage to the fabric. The turbo brush tool is perfect for cleaning those surfaces that need to be handled with a lot of care and caution

Great for Cleaning Hardwood Floors & Stairs

  • If you are cleaning hard floors, where you don’t feel the necessity to use a brush, you can even turn it off and use only the suction power instead
  • The vacuum cleaner has a very long hose pipe. This makes it possible to clean wide areas without facing any restriction. You also do not have to leave out certain sections due to the unreachability of the hose pipe. This makes it one of the best vacuum for stairs.
  • Along with the very long hose pipe, the vacuum cleaner has a 25 foot long non-retractable power cord. This allows you enough freedom to move around cleaning different portions of the room
  • The upright vacuum cleaner has a bottom opening mechanism which leads to the dirt tank. This design makes the dirt tank easily accessible and hence it can be conveniently removed and replaced back in. This does not pose nay hindrance to the number of times that you need to empty and clean the tank while you are on the go.
  • The dirt tank is very compact. It is easy to empty and produces no spilling. You do not need any professional or prior experience to use this machine
  • The vacuum cleaner is manufactured using the latest technologies and has a very lightweight design so that it can be easily handled with one hand. It also has a very easy handle which makes it possible to glide around the machine with much ease
  • The vacuum cleaner weighs a total of 15 pounds and has a dimension of 14.6” by 10.8” by 31.5”
  • When you are using it over hardwood floors, it catches on to the larger debris with more ease as compared to the fine dust particles. Thorough cleaning is only achieved when the Passovers are repeated several times
  • This cleaner is the best for cleaning carpets, especially the pile carpets. Here, you can use the brushes instead of going for hours of manual rubbing and scrubbing. The turbo brushes efficiently release the dust and grime from every angle of the carpet fibers, which are then pulled up by the powerful suction. The cleaner therefore provides a thorough cleaning effect to the carpeted floors
  • It is also very effective in removing pet hair from carpets and upholsteries without causing any damage to the surfaces
  • Has a stylish design, is easy to use, maintain and store
  • It is one of the most affordable vacuum cleaners in the market where you do not have to compromise quality over price
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the product. However, the product is designed to last way longer than one year
  • Very good suction. Pulls out all the hidden dirt from the carpets so efficiently that you would never even have guessed how dirty your carpet had been. The performance is simply amazing.
  • Available at a good price. If you have been looking for a vacuum that can cover all your needs, but also not weigh too heavily on the pockets, then this is it. BISSEL 9595A is the one stop solution for you. You can use it to tackle almost all forms of household cleaning with much convenience and ease. It has also been designed to last ay past its warranty period. This product could therefore be a much safer investment for the long term
  • It is very lightweight and therefore can be easily moved around without spending too much energy. When you are taking it from one room to the other or carrying it upstairs and downstairs, lift it through the easy grip handles. However, when you are cleaning, you do not have to lift it again and again. Just push the cleaner and it will glide easily over the floor, sucking up all the dust like a pro.
  • Despite the fact that the vacuum cleaner has a strong suction, it does not create a very loud noise. It just produces a dull humming sound which is not even loud enough to disturb your conversation. You may be using the machine in one room while the person in the next room will not even have a clue. This makes it an ideal home cleaning gadget, very much convenient, especially if you have small babies who get disturbed very easily.
  • Can be used for hard floors, wood floors and carpeted floors alike.
  • Can be considered as one of the best vacuum cleaners for laminate floors.
  • It is effective in picking up lint and pet hair. The suction is strong enough to pull up even the smallest type of pet shedding like cat hair. So from next time, you can cuddle with your pets and allows them freely onto the sofas and couch without having to worry about the shedding.
  • No need for bags every time you go for a cleaning. The machine has its own filter and dirt cap that can be emptied out without creating any mess. The dirt cup has a large capacity. Hence, you will also not be required to empty them out again and again. You can empty out the entire thing all at once, after you are done with the cleaning.
  • It stands upright and is therefore easy to be moved around. This makes sure than you will not have to suffer from backache and other ailments in the name of cleaning your house
  • The best vacuum for hardwood floors


  • You will not be able to turn off the beater bar. After a point of time, this can really start to get very frustrating.
  • No adapter to hold the neck extension
  • Some people have complained that the suction power reduced significantly, just months after it was bought
  • If something gets stuck inside the vacuum, it flies out very fast and with a great speed. Since it flies towards your legs, it can even hurt you.

Conclusion – The Best Vacuum under $100

The BISSEL 9595A is considered to be amongst the best vacuum under 100. It not only works good but also looks good. The product has received good reviews from the customers and with good maintenance; it can also give quite a good lasting which is why this product is surely recommended. This vacuum is every bit worth your money if you are looking to buy one. It can also be considered as the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

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